The Conference On Java Technology is the oldest independent event on Java technology in India and the best place in India for independent Java learning & discussion The 4th edition, 2009 conference was held on 11th & 12th Dec 2009 in Pune, India. Have a look at past conferences in 2008, 2007 & 2006 to get a feel for the event.

The conference was scheduled for a most interesting time in the history of Java, when Java was being used more widely than ever before and yet there were also a number of questions being asked of Java. Inline with the state of Java today, the theme for conference 09 was “Turning The Corner”.

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Thank you Amit Naik, Atul Kahate, Debu Panda, Dhananjay Nene & Peter Thomas for their contribution to the conference via the IndicThreads Technology Advisory Board.

Blogger_Expert_Pass_ConferenceDo you blog / tweet regularly on software development issues? Are you an authority on a software development topic? If yes, we would be thrilled to have you at the conference. We would have loved to give you a free pass a la deep pocket conferences, but unfortunately our pockets are hmmm… fairly shallow. So we extend to you a special half price blogger / guru pass. (drum roll…)

All you need to do is drop a mail to with the subject ‘Blogger Pass’ and state your detailed credentials. If approved you will get a special half price code to the conference within 3 working days.

Although it would be great if you could mention the conference on your blog, the pass as such comes without any such obligations.

Answer a couple of questions & you could win a copy of the book “Grails in Action” and a discount on the conference registration fee. Enter the Java Quiz.

First list of sessions & speakers for conference 2009 is now available. The current list of sessions deal with topics like Scala, Android, GWT, Lucene, Solr, Javascript, JavaEE, Dynamic Languages, Groovy, Grails, Lift, Glassfish, JavaME, LWUIT, Jax-WS, Google App Engine, I/O, Concurrency, Deployment & more. Continue reading »

So you are thinking about registering for the conference but you aren’t yet convinced. Maybe there’s a nephew’s birthday around that time or you just realized that 11th was a “Saturday”, the day you take your kid to the movies. Or maybe the reason is more routine like “The project is in fire-fighting mode. I can’t spare a minute.” . There are always reasons that stop you from doing things that you know you should be doing. In the software industry the easiest way to get into trouble is to stop learning. Continue reading »

Read a shocker today. While searching for some past info about the conference, I ran into an old post about a past IndicThreads conference. The post said that because the conference was priced at just Rs 1500, they were dropping their plans to attend, as they thought that the content would get diluted as the entry barrier was low. Continue reading »

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