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IndicThreads Green It Green IT Quiz :-
The IndicThreads Green IT Quiz, quizzes you to find out how green you are at work. And by the time you are done with it, others might go green with envy, dazzled by the cool shiny new bicycle you could win.

Why a cycle, you ask? Why not, we say? Though our lives are hectic and cities clogged with traffic, cycles are still a wonderful way to exercise, enjoy the city streets and do your bit for the environment. Click here to enter the quiz.

Win a Goodie Bag.
Walk, Cycle, Use public transport or Car Pool your way to the conference and you win a goodie bag. We can state a lot of statistics here about how walking is good for your health or how using public transport can help towards a better environment. But we won’t. Coz we know that you already know all that. But what you don’t know is that this time, by walking or cycling or taking the bus to the conference, you get a special goodie bag! Yes, that’s right. You have to just go over to our goodie bag counter and take away your gift. Simply because you are practising what you are preaching and are a super cool dude / gal.
Plant a Tree
These days – Trees are a man’s best friend. And we always can do with more friends. So if you love these green friends of ours, then take one home. Collect a free sapling at the conference and plant in your housing society or office premises or wherever you can.
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