Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registration Process

  1. What are the steps involved in registration for the conference

    The registration process is as follows:

    • Select the type of ticket you want.
    • In case you are eligible for any discounts, enter the discount code.
    • Click Order Now
    • Enter the details of the ticket buyer and ticket holder.
    • Finally you can choose to pay in any of the following ways:
      • Checkout with Paypal: Pay online by either using your international debit/credit card or your paypal balance (Payments in US Dollars).
      • Click the “Other Payment Options” link and click ‘Pay By Cheque’: Pay by cheque OR Pay by making a netbanking funds transfer (Payments in Indian Rupees).

At the Venue

  1. Badge Collection Steps

    At the conference welcome desk, you will be asked for a photo identity proof. For example, a driver’s license, passport or PAN card. After confirming your name with our list, you will be issued your conference badge.

  2. Will I get a conference kit?

    Yes. However please note that for registrations after 30th November, including “At the Venue” registrations, conference kit will be provided subject to availability.


  1. I had attended a past conference. Are there any alumni discounts?

    Yes, we are very happy to see you come back. Those who had registered for IndicThreads Conference 06 or 07 or 08 can avail of a discount of 10% on individual registrations. The discount is not valid for group tickets. Please note that your first name, last name and email address for this year’s registration must match with our registration records from previous conferences. Click here for alumni registration. Or enter the discount code alumni-ind-j-09 during registration.

  2. Do you offer any discounts for any other categories ?

    Yes.We believe teachers and government employees are the people who can have a great impact on society if they can stay abreast of the latest in technology. Their learning of latest in technology is vital for us all. Hence we are offering a discount of 20% on individual registrations to teachers and government employees. The discount is not valid for group tickets. Please note that you are required to produce a current and valid identity card of the college / institute or the government department that you work for.

    * Click here for teacher registration. Or enter the discount code teacher-ind-j-09 during registration.

    * Click here for govt. registration. Or enter the discount code govt-ind-j-09 during registration.


  1. My finance department says that they need to deduct tax from any payment they issue.

    Choose to pay by cheque, and either intimate us by email or attach a note to your cheque stating the amount deducted as TDS. If possible please also state the Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN).

  2. My company pays cheques but I want to get this done quickly online with my card.

    In most companies you can do this. Get your conference ticket approved by your manager & then get the amount reimbursed from your finance department.

  3. Which currency can I pay in?

    If you intend to pay online using your debit / credit card, you need to pay in US dollars. Payments made later (by cheque/netbanking transfers) should be in Indian rupees.

  4. Why US Dollars?

    Most international payment services struggle to offer Indian rupee capability. Eventbrite & Paypal are no exception. Paypal, the underlying payment system we are using supports tens of currencies but the Indian rupee isn’t one of them. We hope Paypal & Eventbrite soon brings in new India and rupee capability.

  5. What is the US dollar to Indian rupee conversion rate?

    You would appreciate that we can’t possibly keep using the latest conversion rate from the currency market. So to make things simple we have fixed it at Rs 48 for August 09.

  6. The US Dollar to Indian rupee conversion rate has fluctuated quite a lot recently. How can I get me the most favorable dollar rate?

    What currency conversion rate you get is really beyond our control. Your card company / Paypal depending on which mode you use, will decide the rate applicable in case any currency conversion is required. However we would suggest that you do not try to time the conversion rate. It is anybody’s guess as to how the rate would move. Also even if you do get the best or the worst rate, it would make only a tiny impact on your registration fee.

  7. Online in dollars – Offline cheque in rupees. That’s strange!

    Hmm.. yes unfortunately it is a bit strange. However you will find that although strange it is still a very straightforward and simple process. Most credit / debit cards are international cards, so you should face no issues paying in US dollars online. While for offline cheques, it doesn’t make sense for us to ask you to pay in US dollars.

  8. Which is faster? Online Payment or Pay By Cheque?

    Online registration & payment is definitely the fastest option. However doing a netbanking funds transfer comes pretty close. If you register online using the (Pay by cheque) option and then immediately do a bank e-transfer to our account, we should be able to confirm your registration pretty quickly.

  9. Could my registration fee vary because of currency conversion rates?
    Yes. Offline payments are in Indian rupees and we have fixed the conversion rate for these payments at 1 USD = 48 INR. However for online payments we have no control over the conversion rate you will be charged with. So you might be charged 49 or even 47, 46… based on the currency rate used by the card company at the time you make the transaction.


  1. Pune has been one of the worst affected by the recent Swine flu outbreak in India. Will this affect the conference?

    This is an area of concern, and something we are closely monitoring. We will certainly ensure that the conference is conducted in the most hygienic conditions. However as regards swine flu (h1n1) we expect things to be back to normal by December.

  2. Why EventBrite?

    We have been using Eventbrite for several years, (we even used it in it’s old avatar as mollyguard) for our free events & user meets for java, python, etc. It is a super piece of software that greatly simplifies registrations for delegates & organizers.

  3. Why not use a product like Eventbrite meant for Indian events and which processes Indian rupees?

    We wish we could! There are currently no comparable Indian products. While promising competing products like DoAttend are still in a alpha-beta stage, others are charging seemingly unreasonable fees and very high transaction costs. We are techies here and we don’t like it when we are asked to pay for trivial things like page customizations or emails to delegates. Also while on one hand we say that we are trying to make every paisa at the conference deliver value, we couldn’t quite justify using the very expensive yet limited Indian alternatives. We hope we are soon proven wrong and a killer event registration product for India emerges.

  4. I love you guys at IndicThreads. I will use whichever mode works best for you guys and costs you the least.

    We love you too! This is what it costs us. This info might also help other event organizers in India.

    • You register online & pay online using credit / debit card
      We are charged Eventbrite fees + Paypal fees for processing cards. We are absorbing these fees and are not passing on the charge to you. In most cases this is the most expensive mode for us. However it is fast and simple which is a big plus.
    • You register online & post us a cheque.
      We are charged Eventbrite fees + cheque collection charges if applicable. However this costs us a lot in terms of admin time as not only do we have to deposit the cheque but also track it and associate it with your registration. It also is a very slow process as many days are lost in postage and cheque collection. Not the most expensive but a very slow and inefficient mode.
    • You register online & drop the cheque & payslip at an ICICI bank / ATM.
      We are charged Eventbrite fees + cheque collection charges if applicable. Although this is better than you posting us the cheque, it still suffers from cheque collection delays.
    • You register online & pay by making a funds transfer from your bank’s netbanking facility.
      We are charged Eventbrite fees + any charges applicable to receive the funds. This however is a great option as no time is lost in postage, depositing cheques or in cheque collection. Fast & cheap. Thumbs up!
* For Registrations after 15th November, including “At the Venue” registrations, conference kit will be provided subject to availability.

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