IndicThreads_sapling_giftGo Green Initiative @ the 4th IndicThreads Conference On Java 09 brings several novel ideas aimed at promoting a green & eco-friendly ethic. Continue reading »

So you are thinking about registering for the conference but you aren’t yet convinced. Maybe there’s a nephew’s birthday around that time or you just realized that 11th was a “Saturday”, the day you take your kid to the movies. Or maybe the reason is more routine like “The project is in fire-fighting mode. I can’t spare a minute.” . There are always reasons that stop you from doing things that you know you should be doing. In the software industry the easiest way to get into trouble is to stop learning. Continue reading »

Read a shocker today. While searching for some past info about the conference, I ran into an old post about a past IndicThreads conference. The post said that because the conference was priced at just Rs 1500, they were dropping their plans to attend, as they thought that the content would get diluted as the entry barrier was low. Continue reading »

In case you haven’t noticed, the registration rates for conference 09 have crashed as compared to previous years. While we would be spending just as much as previous years on ensuring that we get top notch content for the conference, all expenses that don’t directly contribute to the content have been slashed. We are making every paisa go a long way and resultantly are able to pass on our savings to the registrant. Continue reading »

The papers we receive in response to the call for papers will be processed by the content advisory team. However besides the inputs from the content advisory team, this year we would like to invite inputs from all developers on the Java platform. Continue reading »

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