Speaker :Vikas Hazrati

All of us having experience with other web frameworks such as Struts,Tapestry, Rails, etc would ask “Why another framework? Does Lift really solve problems any differently or more effectively than the ones we’ve used before? The Lift Web Framework provides an advanced set of tools for quickly and easily building real-time, multi-users, interactive web applications. Lift has a unique advantage that no other web framework currently shares: the Scala programming language. Scala is a relatively new language developed by Martin Odersky and his group at EPFL Switzerland. Scala is a hybrid Object Oriented and Functional language that runs at native speeds on the JVM and fully interoperates with Java code. Lift is a hybrid web framework built on Scala. Lift derives its features and idioms from the best of existing web frameworks as well as the functional and OO features in Scala. It compiles to Java bytecode and runs on the JVM, which means that we can leverage the vast ecosystem of Java libraries just as we would with any other java web framework. This presentation details the advantages of this Scala based Web framework over all the existing frameworks that we have used uptil now and shows a small sample application built with Lift. We will create a basic application with a model that maps to RDBMS, web pages that correspond to back end logic and bind dynamically created content to elements on the webpage.

This session will be held at the 4th IndicThreads Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India. The conference is the best place in India for independent Java software learning, training & discussion. Click for more >>

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