Speaker : Narinder Kumar

Scrum in general talks about small and co-located teams where members are all sitting in the same room and can easily participate in various design, development and project related discussions. Because of various reasons, lot of software development is currently being done from different geographical locations and at times the development teams are separated from each other by huge time-difference.

This presentation talks about my experience as a software developer in one of the projects where development was simultaneously being done from San Francisco, USA and Gurgaon, India. It explains about various challenges which came our way, our solutions to them and despite being separated by 12.5 hours time difference, how we were able to achieve close to co-located team’s velocity without adversely affecting team members working style on both sides.

Take-Away for the Audience

  1. How to set up a fully distributed team
  2. How to measure team performance – velocity and quality
  3. How to ensure local velocity is maintained when team distributes across time zones
  4. How to deal with cultural differences

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