Speaker : Lalit Bhatt

JAX-WS is the replacement and next generation to JAX-RPC and makes web services development much easier using annotations and much less configuration. JAX-WS is useful for people building webservices/SOA based infrastructure as JAX-WS makes the web service development much easier and is a big gain for developer productivity.

The session uses a web service for temperature conversion example to build both the client side and Server side artifacts. Also on the server side both Servlet based and EJB3.0 based web service development will be demonstrated. JAXB concepts will be used to demonstrate the examples.

The session uses Eclipse Ganymede and Jboss 5.0. However JAX-WS being the standard, the code will smoothly work on any JavaEE based compliant servers.

This session will be held at the 4th IndicThreads Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India. The conference is the best place in India for independent Java software learning, training & discussion. Click for more >>

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