Speaker : Aman King

“Today every web application we build is expected to be dynamic, responsive, feature-rich, and not to forget, pretty. As we turn this corner from simple websites to online applications, our faithful friend, from the beginning of this journey, continues to be JavaScript. JS with its humble beginnings has remained relevant over many years and continues to be the preferred choice for handling complex user interactions. Almost every developer, irrespective of background, is familiar with JS. Yet, why don’t we highlight JS in our resume as much as Java or C#? Why are we satisfied with cursory JS knowledge when we apply it on almost every project?

It’s high time we revisit JS as a serious language, and learn to use it for non-trivial problems in a clean, scalable way. Today, no matter whether we use Java/Rails/.Net, a respectable portion of our web application logic resides on client-side. Such logic needs to be handled with seriousness and in nothing less than a full, powerful programming language. Believe it or not, JS is such a language: it has an OO paradigm, succinct and expressive syntax, advanced features like closures, unit testability, etc.

In this session, I’ll take the audience through various JS features, their gotcha’s, and effective usages. These include: core JS data types, operators, and constructs; implementing OOP in JS (various styles, inheritance, frameworks); using closures; etc.

Following this, I’ll cover code of a complete web application, having lightweight server-side Java code, heavy AJAX and UI components (advanced jQuery), JS unit tests.

This will give the audience an idea of how clean client-side logic can be despite rich user experience.

Overall, the audience should leave the session with a better understanding of JS, and more importantly, not wanting to write unwieldy procedural-style JS anymore, leaning towards OOP and unit testing with JS.”

This session will be held at the 4th IndicThreads Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India. The conference is the best place in India for independent Java software learning, training & discussion. Click for more >>

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