So you are thinking about registering for the conference but you aren’t yet convinced. Maybe there’s a nephew’s birthday around that time or you just realized that 11th was a “Saturday”, the day you take your kid to the movies. Or maybe the reason is more routine like “The project is in fire-fighting mode. I can’t spare a minute.” . There are always reasons that stop you from doing things that you know you should be doing. In the software industry the easiest way to get into trouble is to stop learning.

Why should I attend?

Latest Tech Learning: You might have the latest technology in your cell phones and game consoles, but are you with the latest in technology when it comes to your work?

Global Perspective:
The IndicThreads conference will be playing host to a great bunch of talented speakers from across the globe. There are entrepreneurs, global technology leaders, innovators and experts in their chosen line. They will be speaking on a variety of topics and giving invaluable insight into what’s buzzing and what’s out cold. You’ll meet the men and women who are challenging conventional wisdom and taking technology into new directions. You not only will get to learn from them but you can also meet them and discuss things one-on-one.

Stimulating Experience:
Despite the IT boom in India, there’s no denying that innovation is still not driving the show. Where are the young entrepreneurs who wish to change the world and make millions? If you feel the need to brainstorm over ideas with smart people from the industry, the conference is just the place. The air will be thick with discussions, debates and ideas. We welcome you to savour it.

In-Depth Technical Sessions: The sessions cover a wide range of topics in the Java domain and hold the promise to give attendees a truly meaningful technical exchange. You will appreciate the technical sessions as the expert speakers will take you on an informative and in-depth journey of their domains.

We Are Independent:
The IndicThreads conference is an independent conference. Meaning, the technical sessions are dedicated to learning new and emerging concepts in Java Technology and not meant to push any products through free lunches and t-shirts.You pay for quality and you get it.

Value Add Sessions: Apart from the technical sessions, the conference will also have informal birds-of-feather (BOF) sessions and panel discussions. The sessions are all planned in a manner that will enable you to keenly enjoy and absorb everything that the conference has to offer.The conference schedule provides for space to interact with the experts.

It’s Fun Too: The IndicThreads conference will also be the place where you can chill out and have some fun. The conference is hosted in the most young and happening part of Pune. In between sessions and in the evenings, you can relax and walk over to coffee shops and shopping arcades on Fergusson Road & JM Road.

Amazing Value For Money: At the rates we are offering this is an unheard kind of learning opportunity. Unfortunately we can’t quantify learning. If we could, we surely would have stated “If you can find this level of content at a lower cost you win a Ferrari.” No Ferraris this year, but the content is definitely there. Grab the early bird offers and just the food might be worth more than the fee 🙂

How do I make my boss want to send me to the conference?

Even if you think your boss will never let you, just try it out and you would be in for a surprise. What’s most important is that you make it seem like it was his/her decision to send you and not you forcing him/her to send you to the conference. Present the following arguments and unless your boss is right out of Dilbert, you should make it to the event.

Skill Enhancement – Recruiting skilled people is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for most companies these days. So the easiest way for companies is to invest in skill enhancement of the existing staff. Suggest that once you get back from the conference you will conduct knowledge sharing sessions in-house.

Learn and Relax The employee gets a short break from the grind and returns to work more knowledgeable and all charged up to face new challenges.

Company Invests a Friday You Invest A Holiday Most bosses would be thrilled to know that an employee is learning in his free time.

Buzz Guru tell your boss that your skill upgrade will help you handle buzzwords and queries for geeky clients. Most managers are terrified of tech jargon and would be very happy to know that you would be some help in client calls.

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